Universal-Strap ''Black''

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Be universal with our Universal Straps.
The perfect gadget for you. Safe, versatile & stylish!

How to use: To use the universal strap, you need to put the plug-in card into your phone case so that the loop is sticking out of the opening of the charging port. Then you can hook each universal strap through the loop of the plug-in card and wear your cell phone with the universal strap around your neck. You can also choose our CHARMS on the universal band and customize your band.

Content per order:

- 1x universal strap in the color of your choice
- 1x cards (transparent)
No phone case is included (the images are only for inspiration)

Important: Half open cases are not suitable for this!

Dimensions/Material: Our universal straps are made of nylon cord and the carabiner is made of stainless steel. The plug-in card is made of plastic and has a stainless steel ring integrated. The length of the band is 55 cm and you can customize your band.

Metallics: Only gold & silver metallics are available for this strap!

    Required information:

    • Please tell us your wished charms & metallics. These options are necessarily needed to create your Necklace Phone Case.
    • If you don't want to add any Extras & Pom Pom's, simply leave all the other forms blank.

    Customizing information:

    • Choose 6 Charms, 1 type of Metallics, 1 type of Extra & 1 type of Pom Pom
    • If you would like to have one of the optional items, simply insert your wished item number, letter or colour in the forms above
    • Additional costs for our optional items: 1 Extra is CHF 5 & 1x Pom Pom is CHF 10 (will be added to the price at the checkout)

    Customizing example:

    • Choose 6 Charms: 1, 4, 5, 7, 12, 16 (you can also just choose 1 or 2 styles for example like: 6 x 12 or 3 x 11 + 3 x 18 )
    • Choose 1 Extra: Gold (if wished as an option)
    • Choose 1 Pom Pom: Pink  (if wished as an option)