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How our customers feel about Nellykini

Nellykinis are not only unique & beautiful, they also let me feel more special. The quality is perfect & every single Nellykini is made with so much love ❤


Every nellykini is the perfect match for a unique beach day & I just love the passion of these two beauties ❤


For me, Nellykini is simply unique as everything is made by hand & with the finest details. I really feel that every Nellykini is made with so much love & I am simply proud to wear one of these amazing pieces ❤


Nellykini means everything to me. For years I had problems finding the perfect bikini. The tops never fit the bottoms & I also wasn't really a fan of seeing girls at the other end of the world in the same Bikinis. Nellykini finally fit, no matter what size you have ❤


I can’t say how much I love my Nellykinis. They’re comfortable, sit perfectly & have the most amazing design! If it’s only for a chilled day with lots of sun or a beach party, you will stand out with those amazing colours & styles ❤



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