Customize your body

Nellykini is focusing into unique & handmade swimwear with a wide range of colours, fabrics & details. We suggest you to visit us at our Store in Zurich, as we don't have all our items online and we do have a huge variety of other styles in our actual Store. Therefore you can also easily create your own custom Nellykini body. Let's quickly explain how easy it works:
  • Follow us on Instagram, as we are always posting about our fabrics, colours & details to customize your Nellykini body.
  • Come by and visit us in our Store in Zurich and choose from a variety of more than 50 different type of fabrics, colours & details
  • After you have designed your perfect Nellykini body in our Store, we will immediately start with the production of your custom item. This usually takes up to 14 - 21 business days.

Please note: The price of a custom Nellykini body will be a little higher due to our added effort and the fully customizable experience, as each custom body will be totally unique & handmade to your wishes & needs.

See you soon,
Nelly & Dalia