How it all began

It all began in the winter of 2015, when the very first Nellykinis was born. I designed my first unique bikini without knowing it would be my future. In January I flew to Australia to improve my English in a four-month language stay. I have seen a lot of this beautiful continent: Bondi Beach, Great Barrier Reef and Co. - my constant friend: my Nellykini. It was incredible how many people approached me about my bikini and asked me where I had bought it... They couldn't believe it when I told them it was my own creation and asked if I could conjure up such a unique piece for the beach.

Back in Switzerland, without a job and with my thoughts still in Australia, I started to think about these words. And so I realized my dream of my own bikini brand. Nellykini - lovely, unique, self-made.

Today we lead Nellykini in pairs: Nelly and Dalia - two sisters, one passion. Every new design for bikinis, bodies or shorts is created by the two of us together. While Nelly creates the new creations on the sewing machine, Dalia is on site at our store in Zurich to advise our customers with heart and soul.


"Sewing has always been my passion. That I was able to make this a profession is the greatest thing for me."

Nelly did one as an apprenticeship as a dental assistant and quickly realized that this profession would not make her happy forever. Working with different fabrics and materials, using her creativity and ideas to create her own designs - that's what fills her heart.



"Beach, sun, swimwear and travel - what could be nicer than passing this joy on to others?"

Just like her sister Nelly, Dalia didn't take her first steps in her professional life in the fashion industry. She completed her apprenticeship as a businesswoman and later worked for a real estate management company. As a passionate summer person, beachwear is an absolute must for Dalia. So she decided to join Nellykini and today, together with her sister, she designs the new collections for Nellykini. She is also on location at the Pop Up Store in Zurich and advises her customers with a great deal of commitment and pleasure.