We have more Bikinis available in our store than online, which is why we suggest you visit us at our store in the heart of Zurich!

Nellykini - Nothing Is Hotter Than A Nellykini Swimsuit And Bikini

Check out Nellykini's bikinis 2024 collection for the perfect fit swimwearMake a statement in our women's swimwear collection. Our essentials are not only for the summer but also for the winter seasons. We offer a variety of treatments and services for both summer and winter seasons. We are committed to providing the highest quality services at competitive pricesEnjoy the first dips into the pool or sea with these essentials: 

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With our selection of modest swimwear, skirts, bikinis,  shorts, and bags, as well as Nellykini Flip Flops and phone cases, you'll find what you need to stay cool in the sun. Nellykini has always been focused on creating swimwear that fits perfectly. Our timeless styles are designed to last many years. We have a variety of supportive bikini tops and bottoms in statement prints or our classic textured fabric colorful Sea Dive collection. Take a look at our full range of bikini tops and bottoms to mix and match your swimwear and create your perfect beachside look.

Stock Up On Unique Bikinis & One-Piece Swimsuits

Are you getting ready for a day of sun and fun at the pool or beach? Our collection of one -piece styles will cover all your needs. Women's bikinis and One -piece bathing suit are available in vibrant colors and designs that will make an impact. Don't stop at that - grab a stylish Swimwear before you hit the boardwalk, or relax by the water to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.  Our stunning One-piece bikinis and swimsuits will help you make a bold statement on the beach. Discover our range of bikini, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and One -piece suits in a variety of colors and styles to find the perfect outfit for your next sunny day.

Nellykini Ranks At The Top Among Swiss Swimwear And Bikinis Brands

Find a variety of women's swimwear at Nellykini. Browse our collection of bikini bottoms, bikini tops, and bikini sets. A bikinis is the perfect choice for a day at the pool or on the beach. Add the best to your swimsuit with stylish bikinis from brand like Nellykini. The Nellykini shop is located at Talacker 41 8001 Zurich Switzerland. Nellykini offers a variety of stylish, comfortable, and affordable swimwear.

The products are of the best quality and are sure to last for a long time. Swimwear and beachwear can be found at Nellykini. Our sexy bikinis will have you ready for summer. We have bikini sets that you will love. Are you planning a trip, where there's plenty of sun and fun? Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner or are you heading for some sunshine and partying? These bikinis are perfect for any occasion. Wearing the right bikini will make a difference whether you're at the pool, the beach, or the garden. Choose a pair of classic sandals with a beach dress as a cover-up or throw on an eye-catching sarong.

Nellykini - Grab The Wave Of Delight And Enjoyment

Switzerland's most popular bikini shop, Nellykini, is one of the most influential brands. Find the perfect fit with a variety of styles and sizes. Get the best deals on bikinis online shop now. Get the perfect look this summer. Nellykini will bring you a new level of enjoyment and delight. Our latest collection of bikinis for women is perfect for warm weather, whether you are lounging at the pool or on the beach. 

Browse Our Switzerland Swimwear Online Shop Collection

Each collection is carefully curated for travel and adventure. Nellykini also offers a selection of lightweight one-pieces that perfectly match the bikinis. Our goal is to provide you with a complete wardrobe that enhances and supports your body wherever you are, be it at the beach, the city, at home, or while playing sports. With the use of exclusive colors, exceptional fabrics and precise cuts, we want to create a harmonious and natural look. The high-waisted cut, classic briefs and bikini bottoms create a flattering and comfortable shape that will channel your inner beach girl. Nellykini is the perfect way to update your wardrobe and boost your confidence. Visit the website to choose your favorite swimwear! Complement your beach outfit with a classic cover-up. With endless options for mixing and matching, you can hit the sun with style.

It's No Surprise That Nellykini Has The Perfect Bikini For Your Needs.

Our customers' trust is our priority. Our flattering swimwear is designed to enhance the feminine form and boost body confidence with minimal effort. Let the fit, the unique prints and the luxuriously soft fabric speak for themselves Our designs are made with the intention that they will not be disposable and won't go out of style with the change of seasons. Our products are timeless and designed with purpose. They transcend trends in terms of aesthetics, but also manufacturing integrity, so they stand the test. Feeling confident and comfortable when it comes to women’s swimwear is important. Finding swimwear that fits your body shape and reflects your personality will make a huge difference to how you feel in the water, whether you are at the beach or enjoying the sun with friends. Women's swimwear is available in a variety of sizes and styles, with funky prints and vibrant colors. This will ensure that you feel glamorous when you dive into a new adventure. Our beachwear will elevate your style whether you're playing poolside, or staying cool in the shade.

Feel Your Best Wherever You Are With Our Luxurious Swimwear

Turn heads at the pool or relax by the sea with our wide range of women’s swimwear and beachwear. Find one-piece swimsuits in every color and shape, from daring cutout pieces to functional bathing suits for swimming laps. For tanning and laying out by the pool, look for mix-and-match bikini sets, with a selection of top styles and different cuts of bikini bottoms.

Bikini At Nellykini- A Plethora OF Styles For The Beach And Poolside

Nellykini makes buying a bikini easy. Choose your favorite bikini (set) from our collection and place your order easily. In our collection, you will find bikinis with subtle prints, designs with bright colors, and designs that will surely make you stand out. Are you more into basic looks? We also have many bikinis in solid colors. OF course, you can also go for plain-colored bikini bottoms with a striking top and swimming shorts – everything is possible! So whatever your style is, you will certainly find the bikini that suits you at Nellykini.